Beef halves 5.00 /lb *
Beef Split halves (quarter) 5.00/lb *
Extra Lean Ground beef 5.00 /lb
Super Trimmed Stewing beef 6.00 /lb

When buying our beef by the half or split-half, the price is based on your animalís hanging weight. This is the weight of the carcass after slaughter and dressing but before butchering. The cost of a split-half is $4.00/lb; the cost of a half beef is $4.00/lb. On average, the hanging weight for a half beef is 275 lbs. For example, if you were getting a half beef and the hanging weight was 275 lbs, your price would be $1100.00 (275 x $4.00). The weight of the meat that you receive is approximately 70% of the hanging weight. The loss is due to trimmings and bone scraps.